User Survey

I have taken the liberty of using your ZingITT service as an opportunity to show how I could develop the feature in a more user-centric way. I have used myself as an example user. 

This exercise is just to  give an honest viewpoint, so that you may better iterate your feature to add revenue and increase numbers.

iPhone - This is purely a mobile review. Some of the comments don't apply to the desktop version.

Registration was easy. However, I did not spot next steps when I registered. A brief note saying "We will send you an email with further instructions" may help. Perhaps registration should either include a section for login details OR login details should be supplied via email automatically , so that the “complete registration” action can be omitted. Also, I tested the "forgotten details" section at login and it occurred to me, I didn’t know what my username was - was it my email? - so getting back in was a bit awkward.

Yes, navigation is easy and I like the search facility although it does take up a lot of room on the homepage. I notice that the main video is given the same emphasis as ‘suggested’ videos beneath. It would be great if there was a visual hierarchy to the videos, so that there is no confusion. Also, perhaps making use of dropdown menus might be better when listing content.

Yes, I would love to be able to use it regularly, as it will inspires me to keep children entertained in new and exciting ways. 

Yes, if I wanted in-depth information BUT it is more likely that I would use it for connecting with my child, so I would certainly pay for unique and interactive games and puzzles that I can share with my child. Maybe downloaded templates for making things or playing more complex games. However, these would need to (like Netflix) always offer new options to warrant the monthly charge.

Very easy to read but perhaps in some cases too big and it took a lot of scrolling to get to see all the information on a particular area. There were a couple of elements that seemed to not be responsive which upset the zoom feature.

ZingITT is a fantastic tool for bringing learning into the home and helping me understand what my child is learning in school, so that I can emphasis those learnings in the home too.

I found there were a lot of clicks to get to the content I wanted to see. I do wonder if the might be a quicker journey to the content.

It would be great if this was an App, so that I could access it easily whenever I need to rather than going through a URL. I worry that I may forget the URL or login details.

It would be great to have actual games that I can engage with as my child loved playing on our ipad. 

I couldn’t see where you would ‘favourite’ an item. I was looking for a heart icon. I can see you can save an item and that that gets stored in “my favourites” but that may be confusing to people.

- What browser did you use?

- How old is/are your child/children?

- What opportunitites do you find in your daily routine that have potential for learning?

- What motivates your child (praise, treats, winning, losing)?

- How did you find out about ZingITT? Did you have other options in mind for this service? If so, why did you choose us?

Below, I have attempted to solve a couple of the points mentioned above: