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There's a first time for everything!

Well.... I've finally managed to get all my ducks in a row and put on my first exhibition. I'm now in day two and my muscles have started to shout at me.... hanging lots of large ceramic masks on the wall was not easy but the adrenaline kept me going and in a few hours they were all up.

Jayne, the owner of the Hepsibah Gallery, has made me feel very welcome. Brackenbury Road is a wonderful (and sometimes bohemian, maybe even eccentric) community. On the first night I hosted a little bash at the gallery and met all the locals.  It's been very exciting getting feedback from people and I have had some observations that have been quite a revelation!  With the Pimms and wine in glasses, there was some lively chat and everyone wanted to know where I got the name 'Ethulu' from (answer on my website :-). I instantly sold two of my plates and had a few expressions of interest on my masks and candles, so here's hoping. I shall keep you posted as the event unfolds... Day four - 3/7/11 My Green Lady is gone!!! Now I know exhibiting is all about selling ones work but I had actually grown quite fond of her. Thankfully she went to a very cheerful Irish man who took an instant liking to her. Farewell my fair beauty. I've also sold two masks, two candles and a few pieces of jewellery and there is a very good chance my 'Woman in the Trees' is about to be scooped up too. What an exciting week it's been! Last day - 6/7/11 We’re all packed up and heading off home. My stock load is lighter and I feel like I have met some great people and got some terrific advice/experience. I’m all fired up to get back in the studio but not before a couple of weeks rest and some quality time with Dennis and Lucius. I've got loads of ideas on new products. Look out for my range of horse hair pottery!

To sum up...

This experience has definitely helped focus my mind.I didn't make enough plates and candles and I must make some earrings to go with my necklaces!! Looking forward, Marketing is key. I will need to find ways to get my work into galleries, shops, craft fairs and build my presence on the web. Look out for my next appearance on my

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